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We apply the concepts and advantages of Interim Management to companies facing a change process


Interim Management is the assignment of highly skilled and experienced managers in the client’s organisation in order to manage an agreed area or business for a limited period of time.


Crisis Management is the process through which the company tries to limit the damage and losses produced by an unforeseen event of high impact.


Turnaround Management is the process focused on organisational change, in order to recover competitiveness and profitability.

The Value We Add as Interim Managers

Return on Investment

SAVESA’s managers help to add value by working together with the client and making available their skills and experience, in order to achieve result improvement, problem solving in difficult situations or risk contention, bringing a measurable return on investment.

Fast Reaction

SAVESA’s managers can start working with the client on very short notice, which is key to achieve results in case of difficult situations.
Thanks to their skills and experience they start working with the client and become effective from the first days.


SAVESA’s are seasoned managers, with extensive track record, having held management positions in several organisations.
Their experience and skills translate into productiveness and positive impact into business processes, enhancing the project’s success prospects.


Having a diverse experience, SAVESA’s managers are able to bring fresh views and perspectives, focusing on key success factors in order to achieve results.
Thanks to the fact that they come from outside the client’s company, they are able to have an objective approach, while working in team with the client’s managers. Their assignment will be pre-agreed and can be extended or shortened according to the client’s needs.


SAVESA’s managers get actively involved in the project development – quite often taking full responsibility for it – and have managerial roles in the client’s organisation.


Being part of the client’s management team SAVESA’s managers have the authority and credibility in order to introduce changes or re-structure the organisation. Their role is not to preserve the “status quo”, but to add value by making difficult decisions if and when needed.


SAVESA’s managers’ future assignments depend on their success rate and client’s satisfaction in their past assignments. This is the best guarantee that they will be fully committed to achieve each and every objective agreed with the customer.


The relationship between SAVESA’s managers and the client is purely commercial, without any employment ties. This relationship can be adjusted according to the client’s needs at any moment, including being interrupted, without costs or liabilities that would derive from an employment contract.

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